Guilty Eats

Screenshot of review by Darron Paltrowitz

2020 will forever be remembered as a crazy and challenging year.  COVID-19 has forced us out of our comfort zone and into an world of unknowns.  We’re forced to social distance, yet stay connected with one another.  We’re encouraged to stay at home, yet stay healthy and active.  Many of us must work full time jobs, while homeschooling kids... ahhhhhhhh!  These are only a few of the major life changes we’re all working through daily.

With these challenges come opportunities to get creative, try new things, and find new, unique things to stimulate ourselves and spark passions.

We, here at RIGWA were excited to see RIGWA 1.5 listed as a top “15 fun foodie approved item to make saying in spicy”!  Most of us are “staying in” and looking for cool and fun things to keep life “spicy”... and RIGWA is just that!  A new, innovative, high quality product that is a must have for everyone looking to spice things up in the kitchen... while being the perfect container to take with you on your daily adventures once we are FREE TO ROAM!

From Kitchen to Adventure - Keep Life Fresh with RIGWA!

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