✅ CUSTOM SIZE - RIGWA WARE is custom sized to fit inside our RIGWA 1.5 stainless steel food container & bowl. The fork, spoon, and knife all fit perfectly inside the bowl for easy packing and effortless meals on the go.

✅ THE TRAVEL SET - Essential travel bamboo utensils with travel bag - ready for any adventure! RIGWA WARE travel set consists of wooden eating utensils, including FORK, SPOON, KNIFE, CHOPSTICKS, & TRAVEL BAG. Sized to Fit inside your RIGWA 1.5 Stainless Steel Food Container / Bowl, food on the go has never been so easy.

✅ QUIET DINING - Our high quality, eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo flatware is easy on our stainless steel containers for a quiet dining experience AND no scratches, scrapes and dings.

✅ SUSTAINABILITY - RIGWA WARE travel set includes Fork, Spoon, Knife, Chopsticks all made of premium bamboo. They come with a lightweight, yet durable travel bag ready for an occasion.