Not Your Mom's Tupperware!

RIGWA is your sustainable, eco-friendly container. Durable, sleek, and ready to keep your food FRESH for hours!

The Perfect Salad Bowl

RIGWA 1.5 makes for an amazing salad bowl!

1. Dressing in first

2. Hard veggies and/or protein (to keep greens away from dressing)

3. Finally, greens and toppings. When ready to eat... shake, open, ENJOY!

Simple Oatmeal

This simple oatmeal is as easy to make as it is healthy! RIGWA 1.5 has great angles for eating, while the insulated bowl and innovative lid will have your oatmeal HOT for hours!

EASY Breakfast TO-GO

Breakfast on-the-go has never been so EASY! Throw in your favorites, secure the air-tight lid, and off you go!

RIGWA Box Opening

Box opening, opening and closing of RIGWA - HEAR THE SEAL!

Built For Adventure

Keep Life Fresh! On the boat, beach, or whatever your adventure comes your way!

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Your Most Versatile Bowl!  From the kitchen, to the office, to the boat, or your next party... RIGWA will help you KEEP LIFE FRESH!

Feta Dip To Share

This simple and incredibly tasty Feta Dip is a great spring / summer dip for your next party!

Brie Rolls

Keep your creations FRESH for your next party!  That's right... PARTY FRESH!

Built For Quality

Super durable stainless steel meets incredible function and amazing style!  Check out the smooth lines, thoughtful angles, and detailed designs in the RIGWA 1.5.

A RIGWA Close Up