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We found the perfect gear for top-notch adventuring

AUG. 20, 2020 – The Rigwa food container keeps food fresh on any adventure.. Photo courtesy Rigwa publicity

The hottest (or coolest) bowl out there: Dashing off for an adventure and assuming you can grab a bite while there is more of risk nowadays (given you never know what is open and serving). Here’s your solution, whether you want to bring along a hot or cold meal. The Rigwa Food Container was created by a couple tired of finding their cold food soggy and warm and their hot food tepid when on hikes. The bowl is stylish, durable and vacuum-sealed. We tested it with hot soup (still steaming two-plus hours later) and an icy cold fruit salad (crisp and refreshing hours into the fun). It seals tight, meaning no worries of spillage in your backpack, and the sleek design holds a lot of food in an easy-to-tuck-away container. Great on a hike, on the boat and this winter, to hold your warm soup for ski days. (Available at


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