Changing The Game

Food Storage For Active Lifestyles

Keep Life Fresh

RIGWA makes premium & sustainable food storage containers inspired by active lifestyles and our 5 amazing kids. With a full schedule of sports, school, travel, business, and adventure, we set out to transform food storage for active lifestyles. RIGWA is designed and created to be your versatile, go-to container to keep food - fresher - longer! From Kitchen to Adventure!

Our Stamp Of Commitment


R I G W A are family initials for our 5 young, incredible kids that helped inspire the brand. The RIGWA name is our stamp of commitment to our customers that we stand behind every product made. We're continuously researching and pursuing higher quality materials and more effective designs to insure you have your RIGWA products for many years to come - helping our amazing planet with every use.

Adventure Ready

Designed to meet your version of "adventure"

Adventure Ready

What adventure do you have lined up today? "Adventure" doesn't have to mean climbing Mount Everest... and it certainly doesn't mean that for our family - although getting 5 kids in the car for 4 soccer games on a Saturday sure feels like it!

RIGWA is designed to meet your version of "adventure". A day at the beach, tailgating with friends, camping (or glamping), or a fresh lunch in the office - RIGWA will keep you "adventure" ready!

Family Inspired.
Customer Driven.