A Stamp Of Commitment


R I G W A are the initials of our 5 amazing kids that helped inspire the brand. The RIGWA name is a stamp of commitment to our customers that we've poured countless hours into creating high quality, sustainalbe products you will have for many years to come - helping our planet with every use.

Join us as we work to reduce single use plastic, help our planet, (and eat pretty darn FRESH along the way)!

Changing The Game

Food Storage For Active Lifestyles

Keep Life Fresh

We are on a mission to transform FRESH FOOD ON-THE-GO! No more cracking plastic containers or leaking glass bowls that leave your food soggy and gross.

Our containers are designed with premium & sustainable materials to keep your FOOD FRESH LONGER from Kitchen To Adventure.

Hot / Cold for hours, beautiful design, and as durable as they come... RIGWA is truly changing the game!

Family Inspired.
Customer Driven.