Protect Our Playground

We can Make Simple Choices to protect our amazing planet

RIGWA is working hard to positively impact our planet with our highly durable and reusable containers you'll have for years. We've set out to create products that are sleek and functional - designed to integrate into your daily lifestyle - at home and on-the-go. The more we use RIGWA, the less single use and less reusable products we throw away.

Check out the article linked below with 10 simple choices we can all make for a healthier planet.

We Must Make Better Choices.

Image Credit: Circular solutions

Let's Impact TOGETHER

From the beaches and rivers in Charleston to skiing and snowboarding out west, we are a family (and a brand) that appreciates all the beauty our great planet has to offer. We're committed to giving back and always looking for great partners to team up with and make an IMPACT.

If you're interested in partnering to impact, please email us at:

Reuse vs Single-Use

The more we learn, the more we impact